Pollensa Bay, on its main part, it is considered a protected Natural Reserve area.  In a specific part of it, is the only authorized area for teaching kitesurfing in our island, this is our kite spot in Mallorca.

Mallorca is a fantastic island and on its 555 kms of coast we will enjoy a variety of landscapes.

From great long sandy beaches to beautiful small beaches surrounded by rock formations and pine trees, they are know as “calas”.  Also there are several protected Natural Areas.

All of it is for people to enjoy following some rules: special periods of limited access when it’s about the protected areas and if on the beaches, a restriction to watersports of any kind, being allowed some of them only by acceeding to the sea through special water channels marked by lines of buoys disposed for that purpose.


In the North of Mallorca there are two big bays, Alcudia and Pollensa Bay.
The Balear Institute of Nature – IBANAT-, is the body that regulates the activities within the protected area of all Nature Reserve  in the island, among them, the Nature Reserve of of S ‘Albufereta, in Pollensa Bay.

This special wetland nature reserve contains diverse natural habitats, and a diversity of birdlife.
Between March 1th and June 30th, IBANAT authorities implements the legislation to protect the plover bird.

An especific part of S’Albufereta Natural Reserved it is destinated as the only authorized area for kitesurfing in the island of Mallorca. This, though is submited to some limitations during some periods of the year.

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A special designated area of S’Albufereta Park is restricted to all sort of human activities from March 1th until June 30th. During that period the different kiteschools have theoir kite lessons and practices in the area limiting the right side of the Park, known as Es Barcares.




There are some boards that marks all the areas within the Park to avoid people crossing this spaces. It must be clarified that only the coast and beaches are considered restricted areas, while the sea is unrestricted, therefore it is allowed the navigation 200 mts from the shore.
The access to the sea should be done by the parts of the Natural Reserve which are not restricted and in both cases, to acceed to the water and to return to the beach it should be done avoiding the restricted areas of use.

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S’Albufereta Nature Park

parque albufereta kitesurfen mallorca

From July 1th until March 1th of the following year, the kite schools are allowed to impart their kite lessons in different areas of the Park




Our kite spot in Mallorca