Little known Mallorca beaches

If you are looking to find new kitesurf spots, one has, necessarily to take a map and look.

In that case, perhaps you will notice a small beach in the peninssula that separates the bays of Pollensa and Alcudia.
On the tip pg the peninsula there’s a small secluded beach, this beach it is calle Es Coll Baix


The pictures below shows the beach from different angles

1 kiteboarding on mallorca kitecamp collbaix


Ok … Where is a little known beach where no one goes?
We must remember, this is Mallorca, a busy tourist island, especially during the summer months


The orography of the peninsula don’t facilitates the way to reach the beach of Coll Baix, this is evident, as most of people that visites the beach does it by boat

2 mallorca kiteschule pollensa collbaix 2015

How else can we arrive to that beach?

Which are the chances to have some wind on this beach?
anyway … one thing is clear the beach of Es Coll Baix is a fantastic beach

3a kitesurfen mallorca collbaix


On the next photo we can see an upper view of the beach from the path to get to it

3 kitemallorca edmk top view collbaix


On our favour we can say that a kitesurfer needs only to carry not bulky equipment,
a kiteboard under the arm, a backpack with a kite and the harness around the waist it is enough

5 mallorca kitesurfenschule Pollensa bay 2015 Coll baix


Then, I remember about the stories I have heard about this beach, we are talking about Es Coll Baix, the largest wild beach of Alcudia

6 Coll Baix kitesurfing mallorca school trip


From the top, the view of the beach it is promising, there is enough length. Es Coll Baix it is also wide enough, there is enough surface of sand and the beach is open enough to allow to kite upwind

7 kitesurfen paguera kitekurs edmk kiteklub trip


Understandably, to kitesurf in Es Coll Baix should be achieved only by advanced kitesurfers

8 mallorca kitesurfenschule different kite options


On both sides of the beach there are rocks, and there is no room for error

9 mallorca kitetrip alcudia walking on mountain


If by foot, the beach can only be reached through a small path in a one and half hour excursion

10 lernen kitesurfen mallorca kiteklub edmk Coll Baix 9 kitesurfing school denmark kite student 2015

11 alcudia kitekurse edmk collbaix May


This small photo report shows the beach and the way to get there


On the next links more information about our beach






Kitesurfen Mallorca / Wild deserted beach Es Coll Baix

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